Spider-Man In Captain America: Civil War; Sinister Six Still On The Table



Last night saw Marvel announce a new Spider-Man will be a part of their movie universe, which will see Spider-Man first appearing in a Marvel film before a new solo movie.

In an update on an earlier story, now The Wall Street Journal is reporting Spider-Man will first appear in Captain America: Civil War.

The news should come as no surprise to fans of the Marvel comics as Spider-Man was a major character in the “Civil War” comic book storyline.

Leaked Sony e-mails also revealed that Marvel wanted Spider-Man for Captain America 3.

Regarding Sinister Six, it’s also stated that Sony is delaying its planned release, which was for November of 2016 for next year, in the wake of the Spider-Man Marvel deal.

Captain America: Civil War has a May 6, 2016 release.

The new Spider-Man movie will be released July 28, 2017.