Shazam Movie: Big Things Are Coming


shazam big things coming

The Shazam! movie continues to move forward as a producer on the film has posted an update on Twitter.

"Great meeting today at DC Comics talkin' Shazam Black Adam & more! Big things are coming. Get ready," Hiram Garcia posted along with the hashtag: #JustSayTheWord.

Update: Dwayne Johnson also comments on DC Shazam meeting.

The Shazam! movie is set to star Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, with the main characters of Shazam and Billy Baston yet to be cast.

It's been said the Shazam! movie won't fall directly underneath the DC slate of Justice League movies as the film will be released through New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Bros., which looks to give Shazam! more freedom as it's not tied down to any of the other DCEU films.

Shazam! does look to be set within the DCEU and Justice League movie universe as both Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill have been teasing Black Adam vs. Superman

Shazam! has been said to be released in 2019.