Scott Derrickson Said To Be Back For Doctor Strange 2


doctor strange 2 scott derrickson

It’s being reported that Scott Derrickson will return to direct Doctor Strange 2 for Marvel.

In their report about Scott Derrickson directing episodes of the new Locke & Key TV series, Deadline states Scott Derrickson is directing Doctor Strange 2:

Derrickson, who came on board right away and, if the pilot goes to series, is expected to stay with the show for the first season and direct multiple episodes before segueing to the Doctor Strange sequel.

Back in January saw Scott Derrickson state that he has ideas for Doctor Strange 2 including:

Yeah, I have definite ideas about it, but that really is a collaborative process. I had definite ideas going into Doctor Strange, what I wanted it to do. Some of those very specifically ended up in the movie. I storyboarded the [hospital astral plane fight] before I ever got the job. You know, that was an idea and a concept and taken place with rituals, characters, and that outfit. So I guess as we discussed the story, we ended up getting rid of. So I have definite ideas, I think in the big picture of what would make the best possible Doctor Strange sequel. I hope it happens.

Doctor Strange debuted last Novemeber to the tune of over $677.5 worldwide and rave reviews. Doctor Strange sits at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Benedict Cumberbatch will also be reprising as Doctor Strange for Thor: Ragnarok and The Avengers: Infinity War.