‘The Sandman’ Drops Surprise Episode On Netflix

All-star lineup including Tom Sturridge back as Morpheus, David Tennant, James McAvoy, Neil Gaiman, and more.

All-star lineup including Tom Sturridge back as Morpheus, David Tennant, James McAvoy, Neil Gaiman, and more.

'The Sandman' Drops Surprise Episode On Netflix

Netflix has dropped a surprise episode of The Sandman which is now streaming on the network.

Watch the teaser below.

The two-part episode, titled “A Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope,” is animated and follows a Siamese cat dreaming of a new world and a writer in desperate need of inspiration crossing paths with Morpheus.

Update: The second part is live-action and stars Arthur Darvill and Melissanthi Mahut.

This episode is an adaptation of Dream Country, the arc that spans issues 17-20 of The Sandman comic, written by Neil Gaiman who also stars in the episode.

Dutch animator Hisko Hulsing served as director and production designer for the episode which is the first animated story for The Sandman.

“We endeavored to make the animated version of ‘A Dream of a Thousand Cats’ as mesmerizing and hypnotic as we could by utilizing the magic of real oil paintings on canvas,” Hulsing explains. “We combined the paintings with classically drawn 2D animation, based on realistic 3D animation of telepathic cats in order to create a trippy world that feels both grounded and dreamy at the same time. Untold Studio’s in London created the breathtaking 3D animation of the cats. The wonderful 2D animation, oil paintings and stylizing were all done at Submarine Studios in Amsterdam.”

The Sandman bonus episode netflix

Tom Sturridge reprises as Dream

The episode features Tom Sturridge reprising his role as Dream, aka Morpheus, voicing an animated, feline version of himself.

Starring in Part 1 of the episode, “A Dream of a Thousand Cats,” includes Sandra Oh as The Prophet, Rosie Day as The Tabby Kitten, David Gyasi as The Grey Cat, Joe Lycett as The Black Cat, Neil Gaiman as Crow/Skull Bird, James McAvoy as Golden-Haired Man, David Tennant as Don and Georgia Tennant as  Laura Lynn, with Michael Sheen as Paul and Anna Lundberg as Marion, Nonso Anozie as Wyvern, Diane Morgan as Gryphon, and Tom Wu as Hippogriff.

Part 2, “Calliope,” stars Melissanthi Mahut as Calliope, Arthur Darvill as Richard Madoc, Nina Wadia as Fate Mother, Souad Faress as Fate Crone, Dinita Gohil as Fate Maiden, Kevin Harvey as Larry, Amita Suman as Nora, and Derek Jacobi as Erasmus Fry.

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