Ryan Reynolds Responds to Tyler Perry’s Deadpool Halloween Costume

Ryan Reynolds Responds to Tyler Perry's Deadpool Halloween Costume

Last night for Halloween, Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool happened to be the butt of various jokes from Tyler Perry and American Horror Story.

Tyler Perry dressed up as Deadpool for Halloween to promote his new movie, Nobody’s Fool, which gets released this week and released a video on Twitter, which saw Ryan Reynolds respond.

“Um… @tylerperry, if you could film six more minutes of this, we’d have Deadpool 3. Or @nobodysfool part 2,” Ryan Reynolds tweeted.

Regarding American Horror Story, two jokes came at the expense of Ryan Reynolds (well, depending on how you look at it). The first joke came when an old lady Satanist remarked her deal with the devil has both Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds coming to her house on a weekly basis to have sex with her. The second joke came when two Silicon Valley nerds (dudes, one played by Evan Peters) also said they made a deal with the devil that sees them have sex with Ryan Reynolds as well.

Check out the Tyler Perry video and Ryan Reynolds response:

Ryan Reynolds American Horror Story reactions: