Ryan Reynolds Wanted Back As Green Lantern?



It recently became known that the Green Lantern Corps movie has gotten a pair of writers and a director is being sought.

Mentioned in the report is that Ryan Reynolds is not being ruled out for a return to the Green Lantern role, which saw Reynolds star as the character in the 2011 movie.

Deadline reports “it’s unclear whether the studio would reengage with Ryan Reynolds, who starred in the disappointing first film and is soaring with Deadpool and working on its sequel.”

We can speculate that Deadline’s conversation with their DC source (obviously Warner Bros.) saw either no mention of contenders for the Green Lantern role and/or the source stated WB is keeping their options open regarding Ryan Reynolds returning to the role of Green Lantern, as the report didn’t specifically mention Reynolds getting ruled out.

Now whether Ryan Reynolds will actually return to the role of Green Lantern is a whole nother ball game.

Just a few days ago saw Ryan Reynolds talk that he will not be returning to the role of Green Lantern.

“I don’t think it was fleshed out,” 
Reynolds said about Green Lantern, with the article mentioning he won’t reprise Green Lantern in future installments. “You begin shooting without a finished script — they basically have storyboards, a poster, and a release date.”

Ryan Reynolds was also pretty distraught following the failure of the Green Lantern movie as he said it made him unhirable following the release of the film.

“I represented the death of the superhero for a while. After Green Lantern, I was pretty much unhirable,” Reynolds said.

It also seems questionable that Ryan Reynolds would return to Green Lantern with the success he’s having with Deadpool, as he doesn’t need it. Deadpool is a huge hit, possibly even an Oscar contender, and it seems as if Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are fast becoming the face of Fox Studio’s X-Men franchise. Deadpool 2 is introducing Cable and Deadpool 3 will feature X-Force. Reynolds is also hoping for a Deadpool and Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie. Reynolds may also not want to tackle the DCEU with the shaky box office performances and/or poor critical response of Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad.

Still, it could be possible that Green Lantern could be the one that got away from Ryan Reynolds, and he may want to set things right. WB offering Reynolds a huge amount of money to return as Green Lantern may be hard to pass up. From Warner Bros. perspective, having Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern would be pretty big as they could skip the origin story, and there is no doubt that Ryan Reynolds is a huge name. It could also mean Mark Strong back as Sinestro.

Mark Strong Sinestro Green Lantern