Russell Crowe Confirms Plans For Multiple Superman Movies Were Scrapped


russell crowe superman movies Russell Crowe Confirms Plans For Multiple Superman Movies Were Scrapped

At one time, Zack Snyder and David Goyer planned on having a Man of Steel sequel prior to Batman Vs. Superman.

That all went down the tubes when Man of Steel didn’t hit a billion dollars (sound familiar?).

Now Russell Crowe is asked about why he didn’t appear in Batman Vs. Superman while chatting with Digital Spy in which he offers multiple Superman movies were at least being thought about at one time.

“No,” Crowe responded when asked if there was any talk about him returning for Batman v Superman. “I think once they made the decision that… Because originally, I could be completely wrong, I think there was a number of Superman movies, but I think they made the decision to go to… jump past those and go to the idea of having Batman and Superman in the same film. So no, I didn’t have any discussions about that at all.”

Crowe also says he hasn’t seen Batman Vs. Superman.

At one point Russell Crowe stated he was interested in doing a Superman prequel Krypton movie as well. Now it seems Goyer has taken that idea to SyFy with the Krypton series.

To date, WB has yet to announce a new Superman movie, though they did just kill the character and butcher just about everything related to his mythology. 

It’s also been said that in addition to new solo Superman movies, new solo Batman movies would have been released prior to Justice League. Guess we now know which was the right way to go.