Robert Downey Jr. Teases Iron Man Vs. Magneto



Is Robert Downey Jr. hinting that the X-Men are coming back to Marvel similar to the Spider-Man news?

Probably not, but the actor took to his Facebook page to have a little fun with the fans by posting an image of Magneto using his mutant powers controlling Iron Man to hit himself.

RDJ included with the image, “Just wait for my nerds to come out of the woodwork on this oneā€¦”

And come out they did as the post has generated almost 300,000 likes, almost 25,000 shares and almost 5000 comments.

Fans are pointing out that Iron Man has created various armors to combat Magneto in that some of the suits are non-magnetic.

However, another fan points out that isn’t exactly true and suggests everybody get offline and open a book.

There is no matter in the universe that’s “nonmagnetic” – literally nothing. All matter is made of atoms, which are orbited by electrons, and electrons constantly emit and absorb virtual photons (quanta), and that transfer of virtual photons results in a magnetic field. Titanium-Gold Alloy has an intrinsic magnetic field. Stark’s plastic “anti-Magneto” suit has an intrinsic magnetic field. Even your body has an intrinsic magnetic field. It’s just that some magnetic fields are stronger or weaker than others. With a strong enough electromagnet, you could be made to levitate, and it has basically nothing to do with the iron in your blood.

Magneto doesn’t manipulate iron, and he doesn’t manipulate metals. He manipulates magnetic fields, pure and simple. Magneto could likely manipulate your naked body to some minor extent, but so weakly that your muscles would overpower his influence, so it would be a waste of his ability. This is similar to the way that a block of copper, which is not ferromagnetic, won’t stick to a Neodymium Magnet, but if you wear a piece of copper into an MRI, the electromagnet will attract it at dangerous speeds. Now obviously, Magneto is a bit stronger than the magnetic field produced by an MRI, so clearly if an MRI can strongly attract non-ferrous metals and affect and be affected by your body’s intrinsic magnetic field (though, like I said, so weakly that you can still move normally), it follows that Magneto can do the same.

No, his suit isn’t made of iron. That’s irrelevant. Iron is ferromagnetic (so are Cobalt and Nickel), but ferromagnetism is only a very limited manifestation of magnetism.

You people really need to spend less time on Facebook and reading comic books, and more time in a science classroom.