Review: Dark Brain Comics: Locked Out Eye-Opener and Mirror, Mirror


Dark Brain Comics

Reviews of Eye-Opener and Mirror, Mirror

If you’re a fan of mature comics, Dark Brain’s product line is for you.  I had the pleasure of reading two of their new offerings, Eye-Opener and Mirror, Mirror.  I must say that both were impressive.


The art and writing in mature comics lines sometimes takes a back seat to the sex and violence.  Not so in Dark Brain’s offerings.  Dark Brain offers fantastic art and writing – seamlessly interweaving sex and violence into captivating storylines aimed at an adult audience.

Locked Out Eye-Opener is a science-fiction tale about an alien organism taking control of a beautiful ‘blonde bombshell’ defense department worker’s body in order to gain secrets about the planet’s defenses for the purposes of conquest.  We’ve seen similar storylines from Battlestar Galactica and Babylon5, but I must say that I like Dark Brain’s take on this classic storyline much better than what has been done before.  The writing was great, the art was magnificent, the violence was graphic, and the sex was hot.  What more could you ask from a mature comic?  Buy this book.


Mirror, Mirror is a horror tale with a theme vaguely reminiscent of the film, Mirrors, but again done much better.  The art in the first half of the series was better than that of the last half – but both sets of art were impressive.  The story is about demonic possession of a beautiful woman’s body.  The story went a little longer than it needed to, but that notwithstanding, it was an entertaining read.  Again – the violence was graphic and the sex was hot – making for another fine mature comic.

In short, Dark Brain is bringing some fine new products to the mature comics line table.  They advertised several new series and I can’t wait to see what their new series will bring.   

 Rating for Eye-Opener:  4 Stars

 Rating for Mirror-Mirror:  3.5 Stars