Review: The Walking Dead #120


We are only halfway through Robert Kirkman’s latest storyline, “All Out War,” and the casualties are already piled high!

This latest issue sets the stage for the future of the Alexandria residents, or what little future they may have left. Riddled with action, this issue is brimming with intensity from the opening sequence all the way to the final page, with enough shocking moments in between to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Kirkman shows us the final fate of Holly, Neegan’s retaliation on Rick and the rest of the residents of Alexandria and the return of a fan favorite character that will have TWD fans cheering! This particular piece to the bigger story, is sprinkled with some miniscule character development, not including Neegan’s fascinating discussion to his favorite weapon, Lucille, but chock full of jaw dropping moments that will leave any reader clamoring for more. I found myself muttering a hushed, “No,” throughout most of the tale, a tribute to Kirkman’s raw talent for weaving these characters into the hearts and minds of the reader more and more with every passing issue. He has created characters that are relatable, but most of all, breakable. In a genre where character death is a dime a dozen and six months is the normal window until said character returns form the grave, Kirkman’s characters are finite and mean so much more to the reader because of that fact. This is the end for some but just the beginning for others!

Chaos tears through the very fabric of Rick’s life and there is no end in sight to Neegan’s lust for revenge. This issue is the beginning of the end of another chapter in the world of TWD, but at least it is going out with a resounding BANG!