Review: The Walking Dead #110


Don’t be mistaken by the cover, you won’t be able to whet your appetite for action in this issue! Although, Kirkman does rectify the situation with an intense look at the expanded world of TWD, a slow burn build up of a larger battle to ensue.

Fans may see this issue as just another actionless issue that doesn’t give you any shock and awe, but it is this type of issue that truly broadens the scope of the book past all the other “zombie” books that litter the racks. It is the building of emotional ties to the characters that gives the biggest payoff when something horrible occurs, the tether that keeps fans interested is built by the issues that rely on characterization and not always the shock!

The book is broken up into three distinct tales, focusing on small individual groups, that merge into one grand overall tale. The first aspect deals with Jesus and ramifications he must endure after having told Kal EVERYTHING about the plan against Neegan! It showcases the fear and hatred that Neegan has bestowed on everyone he meets and just how much others are willing to do to survive.

The second story arc revolves around Rick and his “hit squad” traveling to and eventually meeting with Ezekiel, the “king” of The Kingdom. It deals with the division of the crew and their ideas on the newly acquired “friendship” with Ezekiel. It is a nice piece and well thought out, especially since we get to see wonderment in Carl’s eye again.

Finally, the second arc branches into the third as we see Michonne and Ezekiel find a camaraderie out of their mistrust. Beginning with the drawing of swords and ending with a smile, this was the best part of the book. We receive both Ezekiel and, his pet tiger, Shiva’s origin tale and find this new character quite intriguing. He is a man that has taken the challenge of leadership upon himself in a similar fashion as Rick has, but choosing a higher moral compass.

This is another well written tale that will become a stepping stone for a grander finale, it may leave the “action junkie” in all of us a little depressed. But, all you have to do is look at the cover of June’s issue #111 to get that adrenaline pumping once more!


The Walking Dead #111