Review: The Walking Dead #107


Like a rolling thunderstorm, The Walking Dead #107, begins with a cavalcade of chaos that assaults the senses but then mellows out to a distant calm leaving us weary, jubilant for the coming sunshine and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

With all the hype and expectation of something “BIG” to occur in this issue, fans may be taken aback by the subtle change in the overall tone of the end to the “Something To Fear” storyline. There is no grand execution of major characters as may have been perceived by fans and critics alike, but rather a more disturbing look into the bi-polar mannerisms of the Neegan character. There is something truly disturbing about a man who projects his hate and anger into the form of an inanimate object just to believe that his “bad deeds” are not all his doing. It is all the fault of “Lucille” that certain things must be done, a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat that is Neegan’s most cherished possession that will exact punishment with blinding fury!

Tonally, The Walking Dead #107 becomes something different than all the others leading up to it. The fear of what may happen to Carl is dealt with rather quickly creating a a release for all the anxiety fans have been holding onto all these months. It is a shift that is more than welcome and sets the stage for a bigger story arc on the way, one where we may see hope rise once again into the hearts and minds of our disheveled heroes. One that will bring a bigger depth to the world Kirkman has created and give the reader a chance to breathe easier as they can focus on deeper characterization and less on shock and awe.

Some may be disappointed while others may be relieved, regardless, things change in this issue. I for one, thought that it was the weakest of the entire arc and did not have the emotional pull that the others manifested so well. Although the story stayed true to the rest of the tale, it was a decent wrap up issue, a great launch pad for the bigger world for the Walking Dead.

Buy it for the definitive fate of one of the most beloved characters, stay for an open door of possibilities!