Review: Unity #1


When it comes to company crossovers, fans are generally more excited by the hype of a product then the final execution of it. There is always something lacking. Weak story, exclusions of characters or just plain horrible endings make the “big event” seem minimal and contrived by the time it wraps up. But here, with Valiant’s Unity, there is no wrap up, there is no “big event” because this ongoing book IS the “big event” month after month!

Superstar writer, Matt Kindt, helms the tale of all the biggest, baddest beings in the Valiant Universe coming together to stop a single, common threat — X-O Manowar! That’s right, Valiant’s flagship character and hero(?) decides that it is time his people have reparations for the hundreds of years they have been missing from earth. He stakes his claim and the world responds with threats of their own, but mere armies are no match for the power of the Visigoth and his armor. So, in secret, other powerful beings unite to stand against such a threat, but are even they enough to overcome the sheer might of the Manowar?! Maybe!

This is how you do “big events” in comics, “Big Two” take note! Kindt lays everything out on the table, A + B =C and we are off to the races! Fans of any Valiant book will be thrilled not only because it corresponds to almost every other book Valiant creates, but because the story is so imbedded in the rich history of their entire Universe! But, the biggest draw, is that ANY comic fan can pick up this series and fully understand exactly what is happening!

Kindt is a master of storytelling, slowing the pace to inform the reader of the background of the characters (giving each their own splash page) before blasting you with all out chaos and carnage the next moment. The tale is rich enough to hold sway over the reader looking for more than just a brawl infused slugfest but not pretentious enough to know when to let go and have some amazing fight sequences. Just like the characters assembled in the book, the story is a myriad of layers that culminate in one fantastic entity that will blow you away!

With outstanding interiors by Doug Braithwaite and a perfect tale by Matt Kindt, this is THE  book every comic fan should be reading. There is no excuse to miss the further solidification of an already honed universe — the Valiant Universe! Where “big events” don’t just happen once a year but everyday!

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