Review: Uncanny Avengers #5


With the threat of the Red Skull and his S-Men at least temporarily driven from the public eye, scribe Rick Remender turns in a very effective “Roy Thomas issue” in Uncanny Avengers #5, one that at times pulls on the heartstrings of longtime X-Men readers … and also raises a bit of unexpected controversy.

The group really comes to life as a team this issue as things are settled — the picture of the original Avengers still belongs in the main lobby, Professor X goes in the entry hall — and three new teammates (Wonder Man, Wasp and Sunfire) arrive, bringing dozens of potential future story threads with them.

Alex, even nervous as he is at manning the helm of such a public entity as the Avengers Unity Division, makes it clear at the obligatory “large table” team meeting and at a later press conference (see an upcoming What the D’ast? column on CBN about this) that he’s team leader.

Rogue is correct when she whispers to Alex that the Prof would be proud of him.

Unlike other writers who shun continuity to attract new readers without needless life-luggage to their characters, Remender embraces the pasts of his characters, reminding us who they are and how they got here. This issue, it is not only true with Wolverine and Sunfire but Alex and Rogue as well.

And speaking of Thomas, his Avengers feel was surely here during scenes with Cap and Wanda as well as Roy’s old Simon/Grim Reaper brothers plotline.

Remender takes these items and others unmentioned (you as a reader should have some fun of discovery!) and brews one hell of an Avengers tale that is also a great reflection of Xavier’s Dream.

I really loved the Coipel/Morales art this time around and, while the action was great, the clear lines, character work and especially facial expressions were perfect for this kind of set-up issue. Havok meeting Wasp and Wonder Man was hilarious, and Logan’s heartfelt discussion with Sunfire was gut-wrenching because of the art as well as the script. Bravo!

The book that launched Marvel NOWis keeping its place as the flagship mag in a very appreciated Marvel manner.

Other NOWseries creators could learn a few things from Remender & Co.

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