Review: Teen Titans #5


Just like their older counterparts, the Justice League, the Teen Titans must face a dire threat while the team is still in it’s infancy. But at least the Titans know who they are fighting against, not that it will help them much!

N.O.W.H.E.R.E., an international organization that has been collecting young metahumans for unknown reasons, has set their sights on Wonder Girl to be their next acquisition. And who better to collect the reluctant hero than their top science experiment — Superboy

From issue one, Lobdell and Booth have created a book that has thoroughly blown me away! They have brought a newfound richness to the core characters, while creating some amazing new ones as well. Though some of these characters have been around for decades, Lobdell makes them completely accessible for new readers and completely exciting for ALL readers. The way he has amped up their personalities, Kid Flash especially, brings excitement to the reader and a smile to your face. The infighting, the lack of control, teen angst and the overall camaraderie of these new found friends in the face of overwhelming odds, harkens back to the days when five mutants first enlisted in a school for gifted youngsters. It is a pleasure to read characters that have been given so much depth in such few issues. Lobdell truly has a vested interest in the development of these heroes and it shows.

Teen Titans #5 is vibrant, fierce and explosive with a break neck pace! It exudes excitement on every page, culminating in a violent crescendo that leaves everyone rocked to the core. Lobdell and Booth have created something quite special here and you owe it to yourselves to check it out. You will not find a better written teen dynamic book on the shelves today!