Advanced Review: The Strange Talents of Luthor Strode #1 (of 6)


In a week that will see a plethora of second issues hit the shelves of your local comic shop, thanks to a certain reboot, make sure you are on the lookout for one of the few number ones. The Strange Talents of Luthor Strode makes an explosive debut this week, and if you are ready for some insanely good fun, make sure it sits proudly atop of your pile!

Luthor Strode is just a kid who is sick of being the scrawny pushover, and decides to follow the teachings from within the magazine, "The Hercules Method," to "buff" up. But something strange begins to happen as he hones his frame to a more desirable form. He gains speed, agility and most definitely — power! And all of this occurs seemingly overnight. As some might see this as a blessing, Luthor may not have enough control to stop himself from killing the high school bully!

Jordan has created a gore infused triumph that is sure to please fans of fun comics with a great character base. Definitely not for the feint of heart; Jordan's story bombards you right from the start with both highly visual combat and a depth of character that is rarely seen in such books. It would be easy to categorize this one with all of the mindless splatterfest books out there, but it is so much more than pure brutality. At the core of this book is an intriguing tale filled with characters that you will genuinely find interesting, and, even at times, moving. The cast of characters that surround Luthor are the typical high school archetypes, but they are so well developed that you are enthralled with their lives regardless. 

For fans of the violence laden Kick-Ass and those who enjoy the great characterization of Invincible, I give you the perfect amalgam within the pages of The Strange Talents of Luthor Strode. Enthralling, action-packed, intriguing, gory and sickly sweet, Justin Jordan and the talented Tradd Moore, have created a fun book that is worth every penny. And since you dropped three dollars 52 times in September, why not drop three more on something that will shatter your senses?