Review: The Savage Hawkman #1 (Daniel & Tan)


Carter Hal may still technically be Hawkman, but this is far from the Hawkman that I remember! Besides the Nth metal and ties to archeology, nothing is the same, and normally I would be ecstatic about all the possibilities. But this book really did nothing for me.

Not that it was a bad read or had bad art. On the contrary, I loved Philip Tan's art on this book! It brought an edgier feel to the tale, one that helped give depth to Carter's inner demons. And Daniel's story was intriguing, but unfortunately, just not my cup of tea. I like my Hawkman more grounded and visceral, swinging a mace and crushing enemies with a single blow! But this issue has turned in a different direction, one that will probably thrill alot of CBN readers because this Hawkman is more alien in nature!

That's right, a bit of cosmic has entered the world of Carter Hall! And even though I didn't appreciate the caliber of the story, I did appreciate the fact that Daniel and Tan are trying to breath new life into a character that deserves a chance again.

So, all in all, a good book, but just not for me.