Review: Original Sin #3 (of 8)


Jason Aaron is known for creating some of the best stories on the market today. From Scalped to Thor: God of Thunder, Jason Aaron always brings a sense of awe to his books, something visceral and essential to the characters developing beyond the shackles of their physicality. Original Sin is ramping up to be more of the same style tale Aaron is known for, instead of just another tale of summer super hero mash-ups!

Aaron has his enigmatic teams strewn around the Marvel U. looking for clues, while the Orb unleashes a power that weakens the bonds of friendship all around him. Secrets are revealed to a bevy of characters but not the readers, playing nicely to Marvel’s numerous tie-in issues that are always lying in wait for these crossover events. None the less, friends become foes quite quickly and the questions as to why begin to mount.

This issue will simply blow you away with every panel and by the book’s bloody end, will have you completely shocked! Aaron is pulling no punches with this issue. There are slight reveals as to the identity of the Watcher’s killer, all discreetly embedded within a web of never ending questions, but the sheer brutality of the end sequence is what will have all the fans clamoring with emotion. Aaron laces his tale with plenty of subtle hints and possible red herrings as to whom is truly at the heart of this devious murder spree, and half of the fun is trying to weed out what is fact from fiction. Are there parallels, twins, doppelgangers? Who knows at this point and Deodato’s amazing art doesn’t give us any extra clues about who is TRULY behind it all! 

If you are seeking a book that is full of espionage, quirky team-ups, conspiracy theories, brutal murder and above all else, secrets, than this is the perfect book for you! Aaron is writing a modern classic right before your eyes and the Marvel U. will never be the same again!