Review: New Mutants #23



WRITER:  Mike Carey

PENCILS:  Steve Kurth

INKS:  Allen Martinez

COLORS:  Brian Reber

LETTERS:  VC’s Joe Caramagna

COVER:  Leinil Yu & Marte Gracia


RELEASE DATE:  March 23rd, 2010


A simple wooden box rests on the center of a table, that stands in the center of a room, that lies in the center of Fortress X. But even the Master of Magnetism, who forged the mutants sanctuary/prison with his sheer will, did not know this room existed – so where did it come from? Someone knows, but will anyone be left standing to find out? 

A vortex of secrets pulls you into Carey’s fourth chapter of The Age of X, the outstanding take on the world of X, if the X-Men had never existed. Intriguing and fast paced, Carey gives us enough puzzle pieces to begin forming a picture of just what, or whom, may have brought our heroes to this chaotic state. Though only a theory, this X-pert believes that one of Cyclops’ strategic decisions from the amazing Second Coming crossover just may be the catalyst that wrought such a dire fate for these mutants – but I wait with bated breath to see what Carey has in store for us!

The cover alone tells us that Legacy/Reaper has escaped what seemed to be certain death at the hands of Magneto, but I won’t divulge too much information because the fun is watching the secrets form then unfold before your eyes. What I can tell you is that Carey continues to push the envelope on what is becoming one of the most engrossing, intriguing and exciting X events ever! Though this issue pulls itself away from the agony of the battlefront, we are treated to the turmoil of a leader who is now questioning every move he has made thus far. Magneto positions himself as enemy number one in order to let a secret team work from the shadows and uncover the truth of Fortress X. A secret that may destroy everything that Magneto has fought so hard to build.

We are at the summit of what Carey has created and the climb thus far has been amazing, but it is the descent back to level ground that has me more excited than I was at the beginning of his tale. From minute to dramatic, the world Carey has created is as rich and evocative as anything we have seen in the Marvel 616 and in some instances even better. If you haven’t been reading this event you are missing out on one of the most creative looks at the X-Men since Stan Lee breathed life into five teenagers trying to save themselves – from themselves. If you are an X fan you owe it to yourself to read this event, it is as impressive as you can get.