Review: Invincible #86


Marvel Cosmic has been eating DC’s spacedust for months.  Now add Image to the list of publishers leaving Marvel behind in the spacedust.

Invincible #86 will be a delight to any cosmic fan.  The showdown between Nolan and Allen comes to a head with the fate of all life on Earth in the balance.  Oliver plays a pivotal role in this issue – and while his decisions may surprise some new readers –  long term fans of the series will appreciate that Oliver is acting perfectly in character.

Kirkman is back on point with this issue, a welcome trend that I hope continues as the focus for next issue looks to be Earth since The Coalition of Planets is coming to pay a visit. Walker’s art will delight the most hard core of fans and Plascencia’s colors are eye popping as usual.

Cosmic fans will want to read this issue.  It doesn’t require familiarity with the back story to be enjoyed – and it might just make an Invinci-fan out of you if you aren’t one already.  Don’t take my word for it though.  Pick up an issue and see for yourself why Invincible is in the top tier of cosmic comics and is likely to stay there.