Review: Green Lantern Corps #14


The green light that emits from the heavens used to be so blinding that only the most vile of criminals would dare to oppose the will of the Green Lantern Corps. Now, the light has begun to fade ever so slowly, creating shadows for every form of evil to take solace in. But what if the center of all evil was standing directly in the light? A stance that made it seem that the light was coming from directly inside them the entire time, but in actuality, they were truly there to negate it!

Peter J. Tomasi has been toying with the notion that there is something astoundingly wrong with the Guardians of Oa from this series opening salvo. But this issue takes that notion and turns it into a cold hard fact as EVERYTHING the Corps holds dear is thrown asunder!

This tale, of a broken Corps, solidifies itself as one of the best in this series. It makes characters question the very reasons behind their decisions and puts them at odds, not against an enemy, but with themselves. Part mystery play, part internal character piece, Tomasi has out done himself in the deconstruction of the Green Lantern Corps! There is dissension, slight of hand and, most importantly, fear that is creeping through this book. And by the final page, one Corps members decisions will have him severed from the rest of the Corps!

Outstandingly paced and beautifully – yet horrifically- rendered by Fernando Pasarin, Green Lantern Corps #14 is a must read for all Lantern fans! The future is will not be as bright as the moment it was before you turned the first page — I guarantee!