Review: Flashpoint #5 (of 5)


The end is here and the CBN offices are blown away by the shocking, yet some say — confusing, end to an era of DC comics!

Me? I say bring it on!

Geoff Johns continual love affair with Barry Allen has turned the DC Universe on it's ear, creating one of the most creative stories to come out of their crossovers in years! And Flashpoint #5 is the culmination of all his hard work in a spectacular spectacle of spandexed super heroics! 

Although I feel the final issue felt rushed and left more questions than answers, it still sent shockwaves of excitement through every synapse of my body. Kubert is at the top of his game and draws some of the most explosive pages I have ever seen. Every panel teems with raw energy, creating  the perfect compliment to Johns' lightening paced, company changing tale!

Barry Allen has finally realized that he is the catalyst that has wrought such tragedy to this nightmare version of the DCU. This revelation shall either break him and the world around him or it will drive him to save all that has been lost. But can a man truly change things for the better by merely running from the chaos at hand? If you run far enough and fast enough, you may finally catch up with yourself just in time to avert all your past sins. But is it enough? And can one man do it himself or will he need a guiding hand?

If you stayed up and got to your local shops at midnight, you will know the answers to all these questions. If not, you are in for an amazing treat, one that will change the outlook of the DCU forever! And yes, my friends, this tale is a little cumbersome at times! Some people felt a little confused by what exactly happened — but change will do that sometimes. If we had all the answers handed to us, we would have nothing to look forward to in the future. That would make for one very boring place, wouldn't it?

Well, we don't have to worry about being bored anytime soon within the confines of the DCU. The whole world is buzzing about one of the biggest changes in the history of comics! Don't be left out of the fun and excitement — get to your local shop NOW! You'll be happy you did. As a matter of fact, Batman is so overjoyed by the big changes — he wept! Cold Snap!