Review: Fatale #2


Josephine is running out of time. That’s something she never thought would happen, but this is the endgame. The players are finally all in motion and the stakes are high. Especially for someone who has lived as long as she has!

The crime noir Holy Trinity of Brubaker, Phillips and Stewart have created something that is familiar to their past work, and yet, is something purely original. A slow burn read, it is teeming with twists and secrets that shock at every turn! Multiple characters and dual timelines keep you on your toes, trying to stay one step ahead of the multi-faceted story.  The converging lives of the three main characters could have become overwhelming to readers, the story lost, if not in the capable hands of this tried and true trio. 

Fatale is a classic book, one that merges Lovecraftian fundamentals and crime noir fiction into the perfect amalgam of genres! Just when you think you have a handle on what to expect, Brubaker opens up a completely different doorway for the tale to travel down. It is thoroughly engrossing, drawing upon character flaws to expose the readers to the rich and dark corners of the tale laid before us. 

Morally corrupt, seductive and shocking, Fatale is a book that will not disappoint readers looking for something fresh. It is a book that draws you in like a slow pull on a French cigarette, soothing, relaxing — then it bites you in the face!

Brubaker and crew have created perfection yet again!