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Review: Daredevil: Reborn #2 (of 4)

Review:  Daredevil: Reborn #2 (of 4)


WRITER:  Andy Diggle

ARTIST:  Davide Gianfelice

COLORS:  Matt Hollingsworth

LETTERS:  VC’s Joe Caramagna

COVER:  Jock

RELEASE DATE:  February 16,2011



Issue two in Andy Diggle’s quest to bring some peace to the restless soul of Matt Murdock does little to ease the pain of the once stoic hero, and leaves the reader pining for a richer story.

Not that the tale was completely without glimpses of grander, Matt’s inner turmoil on how to deal with the “police” had great characterization, but they were fleeting and seemed almost as an after thought. The action sequences were perfectly executed, no summer blockbuster could boast better choreography, but even that couldn’t mask the lack of heart to this story. The premise is of a lone man torn by the grief he has inflicted upon himself and those who believed in him, a “man without a country” if you will. A quest to find the inner strength to forgive oneself and become a better person than what you are now – that is exactly what we were given in issue one –  but issue two is weighted down with the constant bombardment of the backwater politics of a small town’s secrets and poor choices. Don’t get me wrong it was interesting — but something we have all seen before in every form of media. 

While the cover by Jock is quite eye-catching and impressive, the interiors were sub par and bland. No panel truly popped, but rather had an overall flatness to the book even to the extent to bring down the action sequences a few notches. It was lacking the depth that has become custom with Daredevil related projects and left me wanting more.

I hope this mini makes a drastic upswing in the next issue, Andy Diggle is a phenomenal writer maybe we just caught him on a bad day; at least we can hope anyway.