Review: Cyclops #1



WRITER:  Lee Black

ART:  Dean Haspiel

COVER:  Roger Cruz


RELEASE DATE:  March 30, 2011



That is the question that first comes to mind while reading this issue. Why does Marvel choose to let things like this actually make it to comic shop shelves instead of anything, ANYTHING, else? I’ll tell you — because Marvel thinks anything pertaining to the Avengers or the X-Men will sell. And sadly, 90% of the time it does — but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Especially in this case, where Lee Black takes us back in time to see a day in the life of Scott Summers. Let me tell ya, it ain’t pretty!

I’m all for “indie” style art and Haspiel does an exceptional job. His crisp, fluid lines and vibrant “pop”art color palette helps bring this retro story to life, reminding us of simpler times. Times where we were oblivious to the subtle passes the girl behind the counter at the local coffee shop made at us. A time where innocence still clung to us by a thread before we ventured into the harshness of adulthood. Haspiel’s art is fun yet dynamic enough to set the perfect tone for a story about a boy trying to find his place in the world. Too bad Black couldn’t come up with anything to further enhance Haspiel’s work.

The story is utter drivel. In the past year Fraction, Kyle, Yost and even Zeb Wells have completely changed the world’s view of Scott Summers. No longer is he the sniffling boy scout that begs to be listened to because he was Xavier’s chosen leader for the X-Men. He was a one dimensional character that everyone loved to hate because no one can believe in someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. Fraction has broken the shackles of the whinny Luke Skywalker persona, the one that kicks the dust and shakes his fist at the heavens because he is not man enough to grasp his destiny, and has made Cyclops the quintessential Jedi Master by having him take the dreams of other men and making them a reality. Unfortunately Black nullifies all of Fraction’s work in a single issue.

Cyclops is yet again portrayed as the killjoy in every aspect of his day to day life. His teammates not only mock him every chance they get, but proud “poppa” Xavier even falls into a fit of laughter as Iceman comments on Scott’s ever present wedgie. The bathroom humor not only comes across as mockery, but as genuine disdain for their so-called leader, making this just as hard to read as it is for Cyclops to cope with. But never fear, Cyclops gets his big chance to pull himself out of the dull drums when Baltroc the Leaper, and his gang of even more forgettable characters, drive completely through the coffee shop Cyclops has been mopping. No octane action ensues and we finally arrive at the conclusion, one that finds Cyclops enjoying the spoils of his victory alone with the only person that can stomach him — himself.

Do not waste your time with this complete mind rot! It is a slap in the face to every fan regardless of which books you read. If Marvel really wants us to “show the money” in order to get the characters we love back on to the shelves of our local shops, I have one thing to say. STOP GIVING US $#!% and start caring about the people that keep you in business — US!!