Review: Convergence #3 (of 8)


Up until now the core Convergence title book has been found wanting. Personally, I enjoyed the Earth 2 series and the World’s End series quite a lot, but I found it hard to get behind Jeff King’s band of misplaced heroes in the first two issues of DC’s “mega event.” The camaraderie seemed forced and even though most of the group have fought side by side before, the reader doesn’t have enough belief in these heroes, enough “history” with these particular heroes, to fully care about them. We are not given DC “core” characters to get behind. We don’t have THE Superman, THE Batman or even THE Dick Grayson to propel us on a nail-biting journey of lost hope for the universe that could lead to the possible demise of an icon. But that may be Jeff King’s purpose all along. The characters he uses DO have great stories attached to them, if you read the aforementioned books, and they can do something that DC would not allow their “icons” to do in this universe rebuilding crossover; they can DIE!

Of course DC has killed off plenty of “icons” before, but we all know how that always turns out. But in Convergence, Jeff King has the unique task of building a stunning story where he can create new icons, ones that may survive the course of eight issues and beyond, or, he can create magnificent, sacrificial deaths for these characters where they have served their purpose for the greater good and exile them into oblivion. 

I know that I keep referring to “death” in this review, but it is well warranted. Jeff King steps up the stakes in this issue, and our main band of heroes are not the only ones looking into the eyes of the reaper. Long time DC fans will be astonished with the choices Jeff King makes in this issue. There are things that happen that will set the message boards ablaze with debate! But this book doesn’t JUST revolve around shocking deaths, there is a tale of heroism and loss brewing throughout!

Jeff King has finally found the voice of his characters in this issue. There were moments from issue #2 that were done quite well, but here, King has found the rhythm to string those moments into one riveting story for the entire issue. He weaves in stunning new plot twists that excite and bewilder the reader, ones that can change the entire dynamic of the book through to its finale. But the part that takes this story to the next level is King’s inclusion of popular DC history and spinning it to involve these new characters. For longtime DC fans, it will make the story resonate even more with you as you smile in spite of yourself, and for new fans, well, you get to make some shocking new memories for the very first time! 

All in all, this is the best issue yet, and the three distinct cliffhanger pieces guarantee that issue four will be amazing!