Review: Butcher Baker, Candlestickmaker #5


Directly from the pages of The Boys, comes a tale of the history of their fearless leader — Billy Butcher!

Garth Ennis has finally given his fans an inside look at the horrific events that made Billy Butcher a stone cold, calculated killer of supers. From his abusive father, to the utterly heart breaking death of his beloved wife, Ennis has created a tale that gives readers pause for thought about a character that seems so maniacal.

Issue five sets the stage as to just how and why Billy becomes a hunter of the super hero community. But what is most surprising about this book, is the fact Ennis leaves the shock and awe he is most known for, as an after thought. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of moments that are rife with excruciating scenes of carnage, but the meat of the story is quite cerebral. Like the first four issues, Ennis has woven a tale that truly begins to define Billy as a "whole" character. In The Boys, Billy is usually seen as manipulative and forcibly arrogant, where as here, we get to see a man that has tried so hard to leave his violent past behind him. And just when all seems right with the world, Fate gives him the middle finger and kicks him in the face!

Ennis has given us a remarkable story about self reinvention and the travesties that occur to tear you apart. A man born into a violent world, can only dream of the beauties of a normal life, but when reality wakes them back up, they are even more scarred than before. Nothing matters anymore, except inflicting as much pain on others to numb your own!

Ennis is writing one of the best stories he has ever written. Not since the cast of Preacher, has he brought this much depth to a character. If you can find the first four issues, I implore you to invest your time and money. It is a rare thing when a mini series actually develops a character to a level higher than the original series does. This is the best mini I have read all year and I'm sure you will think the same.

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