Review: Batman #17


This is it! The finale of the “Death Of The Family” arc, by the dynamic duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, has hit the shelves and everyone has been clamoring over just what the Joker has been planning for dinner!

A visually intense and emotionally jarring tale awaits you in the pages of Batman #17, one that fans will be heatedly discussing on whether the tale truly paid off or if it was just an ending filled with mediocrity. Personally, I thought it was a combination of both aspects. Part of me was satisfied with the way Snyder exposed the overall “death” of the family, creating a new and intriguing future for the “Bat” kids that has never been truly done before. Part of me was anxiously awaiting something horrifying and epic in scope that would exponentially change the characterization, tone and over all future for Bats. That part of me is still waiting for something that will never come and lies confused, broken and disappointed with the entire issue.

Portions of Snyder and Capullo’s tale resonate with me deeply while others left me wanting so much more than what was given. The coming crescendo of a masterful performance up to that point, fell flat. The build up to issue #17 was pitch perfect but the tale we were given within the finale seemed like it was done using a completely different character than the one that murdered an entire force of the a matter of minutes! When faced with his obsession, the Joker crumbled into a character that we thought was buried under Snyder’s watch, never to return.

I have mixed emotions over this grand finale. Torn between awe and disappointment, I will admit that the final few pages were outstanding! A wrap up worthy of the entire arc that will leave a smile on your face, and you didn’t even need Joker gas to get it!