Review: Avengers #24.NOW (Hickman)


With the latest issue of Avengers, the reader gets something unique: a #1 issue AND a #24 issue all in one. Actually, this is #24 but #24.NOW, which is Marvel’s way of saying this is a relaunch without a relaunch.

Infinity is definitely behind us, and this double-sized issue has the feel of what it is: a mag to lure the uninitiated and much-valued “new reader” to the book and to the company. For us old standbys from the 1970s, we get a continuation of sorts of Jonathan Hickman’s long-term cosmic story that will probably tie into things from Infinity and more before we are over with, knowing the scribe. And that is how I am liking my Marvel Cosmic All-New NOW!

We begin with a touch of Thomas, as the Avengers relax atop their Manhattan tower and actually show a little character. Thor barbecuing hot dogs? Hulk carefully carrying pies? Never thought I would see the day.

Quite swiftly, our tranquility is interrupted as the Iron Man from 3030 buzzes in to warn grandfather Tony and the Assemblers of danger ahead: A rogue planet that may or may not have been shot at Earth.

Meanwhile, Shellhead and Winghead work to reinvent their Avengers Machine, to make it function more efficiently (even though they were victorious over the Builders and Thanos). I suspect we will NOT be seeing a lot of Wolverine and Spidey in these pages for awhile, and that may be good as well.

With an army of artists, this book still looks damn good, I must say, having the same feel as when it started out in #1 (the REAL #1). That consistency has been one thing that has helped Hickman carry out such a complex story. I really think he may have had a hard time were Don Heck and Sal Buscema still at the drawing board (although Sal did a great job with Walt Simonson on Thor, and on Defenders).

If this is the first issue of Hickman’s Avengers Project, Act 2, book me for a front row seat. Great issue!

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