Review: Animal Man #7


Steve Pugh makes his triumphant return to Animal Man after a seventeen year hiatus! 

Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman have created a brilliant book that pushes the boundaries of what is to be expected of a comic book. Every month, this dramatic team has crafted something more awe inspiring than the last. Now, sadly, we are given the last issue that Travel Foreman will draw for Animal Man. For personal reasons, that we detailed in an article before, Travel will be stepping in on art chores for Birds of Prey. Though I wish him luck on his new endeavor, I will sorely miss his distinct style. 

Now, on to the book! This has been one of my favorite issues so far. While being on the run from the pursuing Rot, we get the chance to feel the family dynamic of the Bakers. From the mother-in-law’s speech about how insane all of their lives have become, to the bond that resides between Buddy and his son; Lemire has truly brought a weight to these characters that makes us genuinely fear for their lives. The sense of dread is palpable on every page, but it is the dream sequence that makes this issue truly stand out! Being a huge Vertigo fan, I was overjoyed at the characters used to portray the horrific future that awaits our hero and his family. Especially a certain mage with a smoking addiction!

Lemire has set his Animal Man on a collision course with Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing and the winner will be all of us! Horror books have never been done this well before! Smart, engaging and repulsive all at the same time, Animal Man will instantly become one of your top books every month.