Review: Animal Man #5


I’m just going to throw this out there — THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY INSANE! And I love every single moment of it!

Jeff Lemire and his entire artistic crew have created something that is equal parts disturbing and fascinating. A cornucopia of twistedness that assaults the senses, Animal Man is a book that is beyond expectations for any genre! It is something that worms it’s way inside you and nestles within, scratching you tediously until you want to scream! 

Issue five is a blur, a quickened pace to the story because there is a true need to run. The third Hunter has stalked it’s prey long enough and now it must feed. And Buddy Baker’s family is the main course! Buddy, Maxine and “Socks” rush to save them, but who will be there to save the trio once the Hunter sets its gaze upon them? Maxine makes a decision that will not only forever change the dynamic of the book, but that of the entire DCnU as well! There is only one hope for triumph over the Rot, but it lies in the pages of another book! 

Look at the cover to this book. It is one of the most horrific covers I have ever seen! Now, imagine a book that mimics that grimacing emotion on every page and you will understand Animal Man. It is completely amazing how Travel Foreman can conceive of such horrific images and still be able to sleep! There is a section of the book where the Hunter shows Buddy just how the Rot will change Maxine when they get their hands on her. It is quite disturbing and yet utterly amazing! The caliber of talent on this book, from art to prose, is unfathomable! Other than Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing, you will find nothing like this book on the shelves today. 

If you are not reading this book you are missing out on something that will change your mind about the landscape of comics today. It is a rare and wretched book that deserves more than just a mere moment of your time. And once you read one issue, you will be hooked like a rotting piece of meat on the end of barbed wire! Ewwww! But oh so good!