Red Hulk: New Captain America 4 Art Lands Online

Red Hulk smash! Our best look yet at what Harrison Ford could look like but hopefully it improves.

red hulk captain america 4 art

Another piece of Red Hulk art from Captain America 4 has hit the net, which gives us our best look at what Harrison Ford is said to become in the film.

Previous art hit the net from McDonalds and then there is that ugly piece of art, said to be a standee.

red hulk art marvel comics

They need to get Red Hulk right

This art is a lot better but it looks like they simply took existing green Hulk art and turned it red.

In the comics, the Red Hulk has a different and distinct look than the Green Hulk, especially the art by Ed McGuinness, IMO.

The standee art also happens to look like an early dumber version of the Hulk, again, not the Red Hulk from the comics who is not only super powerful, but since it’s Thunderbolts Ross, the Red Hulk is mean, nasty, calculating, scheming and conniving.

Hopefully, Marvel can get the CGI right as lately, the special effects in the Marvel movies and Disney+ shows haven’t been all that good even though they have been spending tons of money. She-Hulk looks really bad as does Skaar and even the goofy Ruffalo Hulk. Of course, there’s MODOK in Quantumania.

Red Hulk needs to be done right, as does The Sentry in Thunderbolts.

captain america brave new world harrison ford anthony mackie

It will also be interesting to see if Red Hulk ends up looking like Harrison Ford.

Thanks to merch art, we also get a look at the MCU’s new Falcon.

Captain America: Brave New World gets released on February 14, 2025 and also stars Anthony Mackie, Carl Lumbly, Danny Ramirez and Tim Blake Nelson.

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