Preview Trailer: Ekon: first Middle East sci-fi movie



Check out a promo video for “Ekon” dubbed the Middle East’s first environmental science fiction film. “Ekon” is currently in development by UAE writer/director Mohammad Rasoul.

Note: This online teaser was “produced to introduce the EKON universe to the audiences during the early development process.”


An unknown event has devastated Earth’s biosphere, causing a radiation storm that is rapidly driving all biological life on the planet to extinction.

Sheltered deep in the sands of the desert, the remaining human survivors risk venturing out into the storm in order to understand its origin and find a solution.

As they descend into the unknown, they must face a mysterious life form that holds the key to the past and the future of the planet, – the EKON.

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Press Release

Dubai, UAE — Middle Eastern cinema is set to break new ground with the announcement of EKON, an environmental science fiction film being developed by writer/director Mohammad Rasoul and the first sci-fi motion picture set to be produced in the region.

Blending traditional aspects of Middle Eastern culture with elements of modern science fiction, EKON is a futuristic action adventure that follows a of a team of Bedouin warriors in a battle to save the planet from environment destruction.

The project has been in independent development since early 2010, with the director assembling a local production crew to film a promotional trailer for the film in the UAE, while an international crew completed its post production.

The story takes place in a world devastated by a powerful storm and relies on state-of-the-art visual effects to bring the fictional universe to life.

“We’d like to push the boundaries of Middle Eastern cinema.” says Mohammad Rasoul, –  “Environmental awareness is deeply engrained in the traditional bedouin culture, while science fiction allows us to explore it in genre that is appealing to younger audiences.”

The screenplay is currently being reviewed by several international and regional film funds.

“I believe we can conceive and produce engaging content locally and reach audiences beyond our borders. There’s been great response internationally and locally to Middle Eastern science fiction, and we are now looking for the best way to push the project forward with a potential financier and begin the production of the feature film.”