Ombis (2013): Hamburg, NY Set Report For July 15th



Cosmic Book News continues its series of coverage on the Indie film, Ombis, an epic alien sci-fi movie being filmed in Western New York.

We previously visited the set on June 2nd where we spoke to some of the cast and crew as well as partaking in the film itself.

We also have an interview up with Adam Steigert, the 25 year old up-and-coming director of Ombis

“Expect a really cool alien film with a strong storyline which will make you fall in love with the characters created,” Steigert previously told Cosmic Book News. “I promise the viewers will be amazed by the locations that we were able to film at and the scale of the production.”

So when Deftone Productions Studios producer Mike Sciabarrsi called us for a return visit — we were elated.

CBN Movie reviewer and Boston College film major, Lawrence Napoli, and myself, recently visited the set of Ombis on Saturday, July 15th at Hamburg High School in Hamburg, NY.

We conducted a series of video interviews, which will be up later, but we wanted to share a bit of what was discussed, in addition to some pics.

”¢  Director Adam Steigert spoke on the difference between zombies, and the mutants from Ombis, and also where the word “Ombis” originates.

”¢  The lead, played by Richard Satterwhite, told us how became involved with the movie. Satterwhite, having the most experience of all the actors including working on CBS’ Three Rivers, talked about working with the cast and crew.

”¢  The other lead, played by new-comer Jason John Beebe, told us about his recent run-in with a series of mutants and vehicles, as well as about a new project set to star supermodel Melyssa Jade.

”¢  A local celebrity in the form of Erie County Comptroller David Shenk cameoed in the movie and discussed his involvement.

”¢  Alexander S. McBryde, star of Deftone’s previous hit, Black Guy On A Rampage, discussed portraying two characters, as well as a possible return to a fan favorite.

”¢  Lissa Redmond, also new to the movie scene, is a cold-case homicide Buffalo Police Detective, and talked about her role as a Govt. Ops agent as well as the role of women in the film industry.

”¢  Patrick Mallette, partner to Redmond in the movie, and a Buffalo Court Officer, discussed his Ops role in Ombis.

Ӣ Michael Balch, an extra, spoke about his experience being on set, his favorite Horror movies, and a new role that he landed in an upcoming local movie.

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Alexander S. McBryde, Patrick Mallette, EIC Matt McGloin, Lawrence Napoli, Richard Satterwite

From there, Producer Mike Sciabarrsi took Cosmic Book News on an exclusive behind-the-scenes set visit where we took video of a scene taking place in the hallways of Hamburg High, which we’ll have up later as well.

Afterwards, Mark Mendola, assistant director of Ombis, talked in length with Cosmic Book News about Buffalo’s local film industry. Mendola, a fellow comic book fan, also told us about recently meeting Dan Akroyd and asking the veteran actor to appear in the movie, as well as chatting with us about the recent and upcoming comic book movies.

While we put the video together, here are few pics from the shoot, and you can keep up to date on all things Ombis through their official Facebook page.

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