Nicolas Cage Reveals Thoughts On Justice League Movie & If He’ll Play Superman Again (Video)


Last September saw Nicolas Cage offer up that his defunct Superman Lives movie was “more powerful”  than any of the Superman films, and that “even though you never saw it — it is the Superman.”

Now Nicolas Cage is back talking superhero movies with Variety as the actor was questioned about his thoughts on the recent Justice League movie. 

You were once supposed to play Superman, did you see Justice League:

Cage: I did.

What did you think:

Cage: I thought it was fun. Yeah. Thought it was fun. That’s all I’m going to say (laughter).

Superman Lives Nicholas Cage

Do you ever still see yourself as playing Superman? 

Cage: No, not at all.

I think you would have been a good Superman.

Cage: Thank you.

Nicolas Cage was also asked about comic books as it is known Nicholas Cage is a big fan. His stage name (Cage) was chosen to honor the Marvel Comics superhero Luke Cage, and at one time, Nicholas Cage even owned a copy of the coveted Superman Action Comics #1. Nicolas Cage also starred as Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider for two films. 

I know you’re a fan of comic books. Would you ever do a comic-book tentpole? 

Cage: The comic book thing with me is a little blown out of proportion with the Internet. I grew up reading them and I always knew they would be — like once technology would be there, they would be the front of entertainment. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, that I’m sitting around reading comic books all day. I’ve kind of moved on. I don’t want to sound pompous and tell you what I read. My father was a professor of literature and he exposed me to Aldous Huxley, Hermann Hesse, and it goes on and on. So I like fiction, I like novels. But to answer your question, I would if I felt I could do something with the part.

Watch the video of Nicolas Cage talking Justice League and Superman:

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