New Deadpool & Wolverine Promo Art: CinemaCon Synopsis Teases Fight For Survival

Thanks to Rob Liefeld we get some cool looks at the flick, with an MCU book offering a new description.

deadpool wolverine cinemacon synopsis

A new Deadpool & Wolverine synopsis coming out of CinemaCon teases the movie is a fight for survival and a batch of promo art surfaces from the event thanks to Rob Liefeld.

At CinemaCon, similar to other MCU movies, a Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine: The Art of the Movie book will be released.

Out of the book comes the following new synopsis:

After some professional disappointments and an ongoing midlife crisis, Wade Wilson now sells used cars. He’s completely hung up his boots until his family, friends, and whole world are threatened. With everyone he loves at risk, DP teams up with a reluctant Wolverine to fight for their survival and ultimately, their legacy.

The Marvel “Art of the Movie” books feature behind-the-scenes concept art and commentary and are all really high quality. The books make a great pairing if you happen to be a big fan and some can even catch some big bucks on the secondary market.

The Winter Soldier book is up for nearly $350-$600 on Ebay, and Doctor Strange is up for around $110-$160.

CinemaCon also saw 9 minutes of Deadpool & Wolverine footage released, with Kevin Feige dropping all kinds of F-bombs.

New promo materials also hit the net thanks to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld who attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week. Liefeld also super excited.

“This literally blew me away today. 33 years after creating & introducing Deadpool, he is the face of Disney at CinemaCon. He is the premier Marvel super star,” posted Liefeld on Instagram.

Liefeld continued,” For the last two decades he has gone head to head with Spidey in terms of merchandise, licensed products. He’s a dynamo, an instantly recognizable costume, image and personality and soon will be a juggernaut. Exciting times!”

The legendary comic book creator added, “Sure glad the Terminator didn’t compete his mission and take me out so I could do my thing in my 20’s.”

Deadpool & Wolverine promo art:

Deadpool & Wolverine gets released on July 26 directed by Shawn Levy starring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

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