‘Ms. Marvel’ Poster Confirms Green Lantern Powers


Kevin Feige appears to be attempting to bring in a Marvel version of Green Lantern to the MCU with the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel.

A new poster for the show again shows that Ms. Marvel apparently won’t have her embiggen powers but instead will have energy or magic-based powers. See below.

In the comics, Kamala Khan is a replacement for Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel who gets her powers from being an Inhuman.

However, it’s rumored that due to the previous feud with Ike Perlmutter, former head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb, and the Marvel Comics Creative Committee that were behind that awful ABC IMAX Inhuman series, that Feige has completely changed Kamala Khan in the MCU and ripped off DC’s Green Lantern, as Green Lantern derives his powers from a ring, with it rumored that Ms. Marvel in the Disney Plus series gets her powers from a family heirloom, a magic bracelet.

What remains to be seen in the Disney Plus series is whether the bracelet can be worn by anybody as opposed to having inherent powers that come with being an Inhuman, and much like poorly written characters like Iron Heart, why would you let a teen have such a powerful weapon, arguably on par with weapons of mass destruction?

Ms. Marvel promo art:

Ms Marvel Disney Plus Promo Poster

Ms. Marvel is politically correct woke garbage

Again, this all appears to be more bad content and writing for the sake of political correctness, which is why Kamala Khan was created in the first place to replace Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel who replaced Mar-vell as Captain Marvel for politically correct reasons (the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 video game also has Ms. Marvel stating she is politically oppressed).

It should also be added that when Ms. Marvel was created for the comics, they ripped off the powers of Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, as at the time, Marvel was feuding with Fox, so Marvel Comics did away with various Marvel-Fox characters (including Wolverine), but now that Marvel has the Fox characters, Feige has to change the powers of Ms. Marvel as a Fantastic Four flick is in the works.

See the big mess all this PC garbage creates?  And that’s why movies such as Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and what looks to be Eternals will always be big fails, because quality is sacrificed for woke material.