Adria Arjona In Talks For Jared Leto Morbius Movie


As Sony prepares to film their next Spider-Man spinoff movie with Morbius the Living Vampire starring Jared Leto, a new casting announcement is made known with actress Adria Arjona who is known for the Emerald City TV series and the recent Pacific Rim: Uprising film.

Adria Arjona is in talks to play the female lead of the Morbius movie with Martine Bancroft, who in the comics is the fiancee (and ex-fiancee) of Michael Morbius who also goes on to become a vampire of her own.

No plot details are known, but we can guess that similar to Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom, Jared Leto as Morbius will be more of an anti-hero than a straight up villain.

Sony also recently announced two release dates for untitled Marvel films with it speculated the first release date is for Morbius, July 10, 2020, and the second for the Venom sequel, October 2, 2020.

Morbius is being directed by Daniel Espinosa who is known for the recent Life movie which starred Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as Safe House starring Reynolds and Denzel Washington.

In the comics, Dr. Michael Morbius has a rare and fatal blood disease, and when he attempts to find a cure becomes Morbius the Living Vampire and has run-ins with Spider-Man. However, similar to the Venom movie it is not expected that Morbius will feature Tom Holland or Spider-Man.

Morbius Martine Bancroft