Michael C Hall Wants To Play Batman

Michael C Hall Batman

With rumors swirling that Ben Affleck may be leaving the Batman role, or that the Matt Reeves movie will not be attached to the DCEU, a new actor might be cast in the role. So how about Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall? 

As Michael C. Hall actually voiced Batman in the Justice League: Gods & Monsters animated movie, Yahoo asked the actor about the Dark Knight.

“In that particular iteration of the superhero origin story, it was an alternative universe, he was a vampire,” Hall said. “But Batman in general, I like him as a superhero, because he’s not particularly endowed with superpowers, he’s just smart. And the suit!” Hall enthuses.

Michael C. Hall also currently stars in the Netflix series Safe, which saw co-star Amanda Abbington ask, “Is he your favorite superhero?” 

“Batman? Sure,” Hall replied.

It’s then remarked that Michael C. Hall would be an amazing Batman in a live-action film.

“You’d be a great Batman!” Abbington agreed.

Hall then looked into the camera and gave his best Batman impression: “Tell your friends about me. I’m Batman. 

“I love that, that was the Michael Keaton version,” Hall said. “Well, thanks, sure – I’m all for that.”

Michael C Hall


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