Matt Smith Should Stay Away From Fantastic Four

Lots of rumors continue about Marvel's First Family.

Lots of rumors continue about Marvel's First Family.

Matt Smith Should Stay Away From Fantastic Four

Rumors are flying that Matt Smith has been offered the role of Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards in Marvel’s Fantastic Four.

Rumors also offer Matt Smith declined the role, with additional rumors offering that Marvel might come back and make the former Doctor Who actor who is now a big star in HBO’s House of Dragon a better offer.

The exact same has also been said about Adam Driver.

Rumors also say a bunch of other actors declined roles.

And we also know Fantastic Four lost its original director Jon Watts who has been replaced by Matt Shakman.

Oh, Fantastic Four also lost its original writer and has a new one with Josh Friedmann.

Marvel’s Fantastic Four is looking much less fantastic by the day as more and more rumors hit the net.

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Fantastic Four sounds like a big mess

It’s not a surprise as Fantastic Four being a complete mess fits with Kevin Feige’s post-Endgame plans with Phase 4, the start of Phase 5 with Quantumania, and the big failure of the MCU on Disney+.

Kevin Feige no longer has Ike Perlmutter and the Marvel Comics Creative Committee to keep him in check, doesn’t have Joe and Anthony Russo who directed most of the best and successful MCU movies and who have volunteered for Secret Wars yet rumors offer Alfonso Cuarón who was never a part of the MCU and who reportedly declined a DC movie is in the mix along with Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy, Sam Raimi, Ryan Coolger, etc., and doesn’t have James Gunn.

Secret Wars still doesn’t have a director.

If I was Matt Smith, I’d take a hard look at getting involved with the MCU.

This isn’t the MCU of the Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor years.

It’s the MCU of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and all the Marvel characters getting replaced.

It’s the MCU where Hulk is goofy AF, Thor is either fat and/or goofy AF, Captain America has been replaced, Black Panther has been replaced, Iron Man is getting replaced.

The MCU is now a complete joke.

So what about Fantastic Four?

Not only per above is the casting and creative process a complete mess, but the rumors offer that the story is also a big mess.

Reportedly, a big reason Adam Driver declined Fantastic Four is because of the script.

Well, what about the script?

The script says it’s all about Sue Storm Invisible Woman. Okay, so what?

Well, that means if it’s all about Sue Storm Invisible Woman, that fitting with Feige’s MCU NOW approach, Sue Storm will be propped up and OP AF, while Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and The Thing will all look like complete idiots and imbeciles.

Adam Driver already went through all that in Disney Star Wars, did Disney and Marvel really think he was going to do it again?

Now it’s said not only is Matt Smith up for the role of Mr. Fantastic, but he declined, so Feige offered it to Jake Gyllenhaal who already appeared in the MCU as Mysterio.

Why is everyone turning down Fantastic Four?

Because it’s complete garbage.

Matt, you don’t need another Morbius on your hands. No one does.

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