Matt Reeves Confirms Staying On The Batman

Matt Reeves Confirms Staying On The Batman

New rumor and speculation hit the net this week that Matt Reeves was possibly stepping down from directing The Batman movie.

With all the changes that have been happening to the DCEU as of late, it’s been rumored that something big is going to go down, with it thought that due to Matt Reeves signing a Netflix deal, that it meant Reeves was departing The Batman.

The director took to Twitter to stay that is not the case.

“Uh… It ain’t so!” Matt Reeves tweeted, which included emojis for a smiley face, a bat and a thumbs up.

The current guess is that Ben Affleck may be out as Batman, which fits with the current news that Matt Reeves has met with other actors to play the role including Jake Gyllenhaal, and Affleck has been rumored to be leaving Batman for quite a while now.

The Batman movie has actually been in development at Warner Bros. for quite a number of years as prior to Affleck signing on, as I was first told about the title of “The Batman” along with the movie going to feature a Batman in his second year of being a hero–and not an older Caped Crusader.

Various other rumors stated The Batman was going deal with Arkham Asylum and feature many Batman villains, and Affleck said his Batman was going to be an original story, but borrow elements from the comics. It’s also been said that Matt Reeves has thrown out the previous script and is starting from scratch. 

The Batman has yet to officially be announced and has no release date.

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