Marvel’s Avengers Video Game Fails To Impress


First announced and teased over two years ago, yesterday at the E3 the first details and trailer for the Marvel’s Avengers video game were released by Square Enix, but it failed to impress.

The trailer features questionable art, graphics, and I will also add the story.

Regarding the art and graphics, following the release of the trailer many fans took to social media to offer their complaints.

“Cap’s suit looks like something my dad would wear as a horrible cosplay. I’m sorry but this game doesn’t look good. Plus he dies at the first so we can’t play as him! Just give us Ultimate Alliance 3 on PS4!” a fan on our popular Facebook page posted.

Kevin Feige’s MCU fans also complained as many were left wondering why they don’t look and sound like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Scarlett Johansson.

“Why don’t any of them look like the actors that played them?” another Cosmic Book News fan wondered.

I will say that in defense of the game, it is not related to the MCU, as it is billed as an original take, so it is not going to feature the movie actors or their likeness. I’m actually happy that is the case, but I will add when I first watched the trailer, I thought that was Tom Holland as Peter Parker jumping out of the plane and not Banner, and that the Hulk looked a lot like the version from the Incredible Hulk movie. While the game does feature similarities to Endgame (San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge scene, 5-year time jump), that is probably more to entice the MCU fans than to connect to the films.

Marvel's Avengers Video Game Fails To Impress

Marvel’s Avengers video game disappoints

It is disappointing the characters don’t look better, especially after being in development for at least two years and this coming from Marvel; however, the game doesn’t come out for another year, and certainly the developers and Marvel are aware of the reaction to the trailer; so hopefully, things get improved.

Regarding my problem with the story, it looks as if the game is in part adapting the Inhumans story that followed Hickman’s Avengers Infinity comic. Marvel Studios actually adapted the Infinity comic (or Marvel Comics simply created it because of the MCU) for Infinity War and Endgame (Black Order). Following Infinity, Marvel Comics forced the Inhumans onto its fans, in the wake of canceling the X-Men over a feud with Fox Studios, which was a complete disaster and culminated in the really crappy ABC series. Thankfully, Disney went on to purchase Fox, which is why Wolverine and the X-Men comics are back.

Marvel's Avengers Video Game inhumans

Marvel’s Avengers video game features Inhumans?

Getting back to the story regarding Marvel’s Avengers, we see in the trailer that it is narrated by a young female who looks up to the Avengers as her heroes. We see the hellicarrier is powered by an experimental energy source, which at the E3 has been revealed to be terrigen. The trailer then shows the Golden Gate Bridge getting destroyed, a decoy, as the real target is the hellicarrier terrigen engine, which explodes and destroys San Francisco, with the terrigen mist seen radiating across the land. What probably is happening is that the destroyed terrigen engine is creating Inhumans, so five years later, the Avengers need to reassemble to fight against them and the bad guys.

If I’m right, that means the female narrator happens to be the Inhuman Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan.

As noted by the fan above and the trailer, Captain America dies, so who is his replacement (the ol’ bait and switch)?

While that sounds puke-worthy, at least it was also announced at E3 that additional playable characters will be free. I’m hoping for some cool cosmic characters to eventually get added including Nova, Quasar, Silver Surfer and more. We do see Iron Man in space, so hopefully, more of the story features cosmic (which Inhumans fits with as well). Let’s also hope they at least fix the graphics and make the game playable because according to their E3 panel, they have plans for the game for years to come.

Right now, it looks like it’s supposed to be a mobile game and not something for PC or consoles.

The official announcement and additional trailers can be found here.