Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD LMD Teaser Poster: Not Ultron


shield lmd poster Marvel's Agents of SHIELD LMD Teaser Poster: Not Ultron

A new teaser poster has been released for the return of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD which switches things up from Ghost Rider and becomes LMD, aka "Life Model Decoy."

Last night's Agents of SHIELD saw Aida go all Ultron-like where it was revealed May is actually an android as well, and Aida has the real May imprisoned.

“We said it at the beginning of the season that [LMDs] were mimicking human behavior. But Aida took some sort of leap and built a brain of her own and so the real difference is that they represent people that we know and it's not a big robot baddie, and there is some of that obviously, but right now we know that there's one among us who is someone we know," executive producer Jeb Whedon explained to IGN. "And how much they know and how much their agenda is mixed with their own emotions and those sort of questions are what we're going to dive into." 

Executive producer Jeff Bell continued with explanation that the LMD's aren't Ultron.

"[They] not omniscient, they don't have access to all knowledge and all information and all other machines the way Ultron and to a lesser extent Vision did. We're much more interested in the knowledge that that person has and how does this being deal with that."

"They also won't build ten thousand versions of themselves, mostly because we don't have 200 million dollars,” Whedon added with a smile. "But also because emotions and telling these emotional stories.” 

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday, January 10th at 10pm ET on ABC. 

agents shield lmd poster Marvel's Agents of SHIELD LMD Teaser Poster: Not Ultron