Marvel’s Wolverine Video Game In Trouble: Has Sweet Baby Inc. On Board

Follows the company having worked on the massive failure of 'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.'

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It’s sounding as if it’s #RIPWolverine as it is learned the new video game in development has Sweet Baby Inc. on board as advisors who helped ruin the recent Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game that massively failed and led to a loss at Warner Bros. of $200 million.

So apprently Sweet Baby Inc. is back at it with Marvel’s Wolverine video game from Insomniac Games.

Mark Kern, aka Grummz on X, the former lead for Word of Warcraft and the producer of Diablo 2 and Starcraft, goes over big news where a lead artist at major gaming studios revealed his frustrations with the gaming industry.

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“Yesterday, a Principle Artist (lead) at major studios such as @Naughty_Dog, @RocksteadyGames and @Respawn talked about his frustration at trying to get his designs for beautiful female characters approved at AAA studios,” tweeted Grummz. “Every time he concepted the, every time he pitched them, every time he brought it up at meetings, he was ignored.”

Grummz added, “Inexplicably, each character went from beautiful to ‘grocery store aunties.’ Each revision worse than the last.”

jean grey wolverine video game
Jean Grey in Marvel’s Wolverine (design)

Regarding the Wolverine video game, Grummz points out how bad Jean Grey looks.

“Look at what happened to Jean Grey from @insomniacgames Marvel’s Wolverine from these leaked early screenshots of the first, beautiful model, to the masculine, world weary version we have today,” he tweeted. “They are ruining @Marvel.”

marvel wolverine video game jean grey
Jean Grey in Marvel’s Wolverine (design)

He continued, “And yes, Marvel’s Wolverine is a Sweet Baby Inc. game. We were told it was the difficulty of scanning actors, or just tricks of light and bad screencaps. We were told we were incels for even questioning it. As a game dev, I knew this was BS. As gamers, YOU knew it was BS from comparisons with Asian games.”

marvels wolverine game

Grummz also reveals that the developer who revealed the problems within the industry is liberal and woke, but that the problems are so bad, the liberal and woke developer felt compelled to reveal what is going on within the gaming industry.

“This is no fan of gamers or GG2, this is a liberal, woke dev, with seemingly a lot of talent, who is bringing you this information. And he hates to have you use it, but he feels strongly enough that even he has to say something,” tweeted Grummz. “This is no myth. This is no conspiracy theory, this is happening in AAA and you were RIGHT all along.”

suicide squad kill justice league game
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Grummz explains how Sweet Baby Inc. (SBI) is ruining Marvel’s Wolverine.

“We know that Sweet Baby Inc. is involved with Marvel’s Wolverine. We know this because of Sweet Baby’s own tweets, and because a Narrative Director for Insomniac’s Wolverine game ran to the defense of SBI,” he tweeted.

He continued, “SBI does 2 things well talked about. They assist with dialog and story, and they also assist with character design. By now, everyone knows SBI’s public mission to insert DEI sensitivity into all games. This is their sole purpose and pitch as a consulting company.”

Grummz added, “And this explains why Jean Grey went from great to ‘Grocery store auntie.'”

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“These are empty, token gestures, born of a knee-jerk response to misguided empathy,” said Grummz. “They do more harm than good, and they will continue to hurt the entire industry as the trend continues. It’s time to stop.”

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