Marvel Actor Sebastian Stan Attacked By Cancel Culture; ‘Over Party’ Trends On Twitter


The cancel culture has set its sites on Marvel actor Sebastian Stan as the hashtag #sebastianstanisoverparty is trending on Twitter with presently over 14.6 tweets.

Apparently the SJWs on social media went back a couple of years and found an old picture of Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend and labeled her a racist for “cultural appropriation,” so they went to Sebastian Stan’s Instagram account and started to harass the actor about it, even though he had nothing to do with it.

So in turn, Sebastian Stan, or his public relations team that runs his Instagram account, blocked those cancel culture users, which led to #sebastianstanisoverparty trending on Twitter.

Regarding his girlfriend and the claims of racism, back in 2018, she and a friend dressed up as Geishas, which are traditional female Japanese entertainers, which led to the “outrage.”

Sebastian Stan girlfriend cancel culture

This isn’t the first time a girlfriend of Sebastian Stan has found herself in the hot seat, which came back at Stan, as also back in 2018, social media posts from another GF surfaced in regards to her using racist comments.

Sebastian Stan is known for playing Marvel’s Winter Soldier and stars in the upcoming Disney Plus series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Check out the tweets below.

Marvel Sebastian Stan

“Sebastian Stan Is Over” trend on Twitter: