Marvel Comics Will Be At Comic-Con



James Gunn recently stated Marvel isn’t going to be at Comic-Con, and that he might not be there either.

Of course, this caused quite the commotion online as comic book movies happen to be he biggest draw for the convention.

No Marvel Studios means no Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, no Doctor Strange. No Avengers.

With Gunn stating no Marvel does that mean Marvel Comics as well?

Thankfully it doesn’t, True Believers, as Marvel Comics’ Senior Vice President of Publishing and executive editor Tom Brevoort confirms the presence of Marvel Comics at Comic-Con this Summer.

“I have no idea what Marvel Studios does or does not have planned for San Diego,” Brevoort replied on Tumblr when a fan asked if Marvel Comics will be attending the SDCC. “Marvel Comics will be there.”

Marvel Comics normally puts on one of the best exhibits and panels at the various conventions, so at least fans can look forward to that.

Regarding Gunn’s comments, Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce they are bowing out of Comic-Con, but if it’s true, it’s thought Marvel Studios will be holding their own presentation later in the year (maybe to announce the new Spider-Man and such).