Marvel Comics Teases Spider-Man Fantastic Four


Happy father’s day as Marvel Comics teases Spider-Man possibly coming to Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four!

Marve Comics EIC C.B. Cebulski took to Twitter to tease and release the following image, “No one is going to see this coming…”

Also to be clear, this is a teaser for Marvel COMICS, not the MCU, as Feige’s zombie audience who has never read a comic book has been questioning if it is movie-related on social media. The teaser specifically states “Marvel Comics” and Cebulski also included the #marvelcomics hashtag. It would actually be nice if some of Feige’s zombie audience supported the comics that are the reason for the MCU in the first place! It would also be nice if some of you stopped reading comics illegally and supported your local comic shop!

This isn’t the first time Spider-Man will be joining the Fantastic Four. One of my favorite FF arcs is back in the 90s when the “New” Fantastic Four formed with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Grey Hulk and Wolverine (#347-349)!

Update: Marvel Comics has released a second teaser with the number “3.” Cebulski also teases it’s not a Spider-Man / Fantastic Four crossover and confirms it has nothing to do with the movies.

Update #2: Additional teasers have been released counting down to an announcement on Thursday.

Update: #3: It has nothing to do with Fantastic Four, but J.J. Abrams has been announced to be writing Spider-Man. 

Spider-Man Fantastic Four

Spider-Man Fantastic Four