Marvel Comics Said To Rebrand As “Make Mine Marvel”


make mine marvel

As I said, and I'll say it again, I'll believe it when I see it, but the latest rumor surrounding Marvel Comics' rebirth/relaunch is that this Fall will see Marvel Comics rebrand with "Make Mine Marvel."

Bleeding Cool once again reports that Marvel Comics is returning to its roots by going with a "Make Mine Marvel" campaign, which will see the return of the classic characters.

Marvel Comics recently teased "Generations" featuring both the classic characters and the characters that ticked off a lot of fans, their replacements, and announced a return to the classic Spider-Man.

The article notes Marvel Comics is going to be making changes to their line this year to "reflect retailer concerns regarding content," but it's noted that Marvel Comics is not completely throwing away the newer characters (unfortunately).

Regarding the previous mention that Marvel Comics is ditching the PC BS, it's now stated that Marvel Comics will still be political, but it sounds more like it won't be one-sided (like what Nick Spencer spouts off on Twitter).

What's laughable is that Marvel Comics doesn't blame themselves for their cruddy stories and cruddy use of PC and replacement characters–but they actually blame DC Comics, as DC let retailers return unsold copies of Rebirth. So Marvel Comics must think that retailers used all their money on DC Comics instead of buying Marvel? Lol. How do these guys at Marvel Comics even have jobs?

It will be interesting to see if Marvel Comics can bring back the fans as it's still being run by the same group that has ran Marvel Comics into the ground, including Axel Alonso, Tom Brevoort, Joe Quesada and Brian Bendis.