Marvel Comics Returns With This Week’s Comics (Spoilers)

Marvel Comics Returns With This Week's Comics (Spoilers)

When Bendis left Marvel, I successfully predicted that Axel Alonso was the next to go.

As Joe Quesada recently confirmed on Twitter, the diversity route Marvel Comics attempted for the past six years has been a big failure not only with sales, but it also drove a wedge between the creators, retailers and fans.

The good news is that now with C.B. Cebulski having been named the new Marvel Comics EIC, things are returning to normal.

This week’s comics feature a slew of changes to the Alonso and Bendis era of Marvel that fans weren’t happy with.

Spoilers follow:

The first issue of Phoenix Resurrection sees not only Jean Grey return, but Cyclops as well (and probably Banshee):

cyclops returns

Spider-Men II #5 sees the return of the Ultimate Comics Universe, the return of the Ultimate Comics Peter Parker back as the Ultimate Spider-Man, and the Iron Man replacement, Riri Williams aka Ironheart, is also featured as a member of the Ultimates:

ultimates return

Regarding Miles Morales, Spider-Men II #5 also reveals that Miles Morales has given up being the 616 Spider-Man:

miles morales back 1

miles morales back 2

Another Spider-Man bonus comes from the preview for Amazing Spider-Man #797, which features Peter Parker and Mary Jane kissing, perhaps alluding to bringing back their marriage:

mary jane pp kiss

Looks like Marvel Comics is finally becoming great again.

Now if Marvel Comics would have just listened to me six years ago, we could have all avoided this mess.