Marvel Comics Retcons Ms. Marvel Into A Mutant To Match Failed MCU

"Welcome to the X-Men, Ms. Marvel—hope you survive the experience!"

"Welcome to the X-Men, Ms. Marvel—hope you survive the experience!"

Marvel Comics Retcons Ms. Marvel Into A Mutant To Match Failed MCU

Ms. Marvel isn’t staying dead for long (we’re still celebrating) as Marvel Comics announces Kamala Khan will be reborn as a mutant, which matches up with the failed version in the MCU that no one watched on Disney+.

On a related note, Bob Iger recently announced Disney is pulling back on Marvel following the failure of the MCU.

So ahead of The Marvels which gets released in November starring Iman Vellani, Marvel Comics “killed off” Ms. Marvel back in May, but less than two months later, has now announced the character is returning but not as an Inhuman, which the failed Marvel’s Avengers video game also presented her as (see the pattern?) but as a mutant, which is the origin of Kamala Khan in the MCU on the failed Disney+ show that is the least-watched MCU project on Disney+.

“Ever since Kamala Khan took up her mantle as Jersey City’s greatest hero, fans have come to know her as an Inhuman. A Champion. An Avenger. And now, for the first time ever, fans will know her as…an X-Man! This August, Ms. Marvel will return for her most pivotal and defining chapter yet, and it all kicks off with an all-new comic book series: MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT!” announces

Kamala also gets a brand new costume where she sports the X-Men logo and also has nifty “X” wristbands, which if you didn’t know, doubles down so you definitely don’t forget she’s a mutant.

The details include that Iman Vellani is actually co-writing the book (lol) who has “never written anything before in my entire life,” along with Sabir Pirzada.

“This was way scarier than joining the MCU for me,” Vellani told EW via “Those projects feel like they live in their own dimension, so I guess I can separate myself easier. But you can hold a comic book! I’ve never written anything before in my entire life, but I have read many comics, so I just wrote what I would want to read. I was given a very professional tool to write what is essentially my own fan fiction.”

Vellani actually says they are not retconning Ms. Marvel’s Inhumans origins, so we can guess that means, again much like her MCU counterpart, Kamala is everything under the sun and more, as it seems Kamala Khan will be both an Inhuman and a mutant.

“I want to make it very, very clear that we are not reconning her Inhuman origin. That’s a part of Kamala’s identity that Marvel editorial and myself would very much like to keep and protect,” Vellani said. “Our book will absolutely reflect all those core themes of identity that the Ms. Marvel comics have consistently explored — only now there’s a whole new label that Kamala has to learn to accept. It’s going to be pretty crazy.”

Sound like a big mess? Yep. We can also guess the series will be canceled by issue six, much as the character has been relaunched over a dozen times and forced onto fans since Day 1. But wait… It’s learned Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant is only a four-issue series.

“Welcome to the X-Men, Ms. Marvel—hope you survive the experience!” states

Also worth a mention is that Iman Vellani won’t be allowed to mention The Marvels in any interviews due to the SAG strike, so if you are wondering why she won’t be talking about the MCU character, that’s why.

Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant

Cover art by SARA PICHELLI
Variant cover art by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU
On Sale 8/30

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